Toner Cartridges

When you first bought a laser printer, you probably thought that your troubles are over. No more messing around with ink cartridges. No more spilt ink. No more blurry papers. Just charge the laser, zap the paper, and the document is ready. Soon enough, though, you realized that laser printers have their own share of trouble. Instead of ink cartridges, they use toner cartridges, which use powder instead of ink. The realization may have angered you, but don’t go throwing out your laser printer just yet. Our printer toner cartridges section has plenty of things that will soothe you.

Because of their affordability, InkJet printers generally get more attention than laser printers, which means ink cartridges get more attention than toner cartridges. Everyone's talking about ink while the laser printer user is feeling left out.

The InkEvolved team wasn't going to stand by this, so we've built up a whole section dedicated just to toner cartridges. Here, we will explain how they work, why they are very different from their ink counterparts and why your laser printer can't simply carve stuff onto the part.

We will explain how to set up your toner cartridge and adjust to using them, along with laser printers, if you've so far dealt with the ink variety. True, laser printers don't make way for spilled ink, but there's still plenty of nasty business that can go wrong. And, of course, we'll help you find the exact printer toner cartridges you need for your laser printer.

If you thought finding ink units was a mess, wait until you try and replenish some of those obscure Brother toner cartridges. Don't worry, though, as our team will guide you to the best deals and explain what kind of toner cartridge your laser printer needs and what kind will be ejected violently. Anya tells us this rarely happens with HP toner cartridges, though...

Check out our toner cartridge buying recommendations below: