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When you first heard of 3D printers making the tech news, you probably thought someone was pulling a prank on you. Our technology can’t be that advanced, can it? Sure it can. And, since you first heard of them, these printers have become as commonplace as paper printers themselves. This just speaks to the constant evolution of the printing sector. It’s not just the 3D ones that are getting attention, though, as new printers are popping up every second, each of them with a dazzling set of features. So how do you keep track of all the developments in the industry? You don’t, because we’re going to do it for you with our printing news section.

Our printer tech news coverage section is all about advancements in the printer industry. We're covering everything here, folks.

Did a new and exciting Epson model come out that's threatening to leave all the others in the dust? Our Will is going to be the first to know about it, and he's going to tell all of you (including us) how far ahead Epson is ahead of the competition.

We're also going to be covering general developments in the industry so that you know where the sector is heading. When 3D printers came out, you were probably feeling a bit taken by surprise. Probably a bit irked, too. "Why didn't I know about this sooner?" Well, our printing news section is going to help you avoid such situations in the feature, as you'll be the first to know when rumors about new printing technology start spinning.

Besides going over new printers, we're going to be dishing out news on existing models when needed. Think of it like an extension of our printer user manuals section. Maybe a printer that was issued a few years back got a software upgrade, maybe it or its cartridges are going out of manufacture, or maybe there's an all-too-important firmware update that you need to apply pronto. Whichever the case, come to our news section to get all the latest on all things that print.

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