Printer Troubleshooting

We all want things to work. Regardless of what it is, we just want it to go smoothly. Printers, and printer troubleshooting, are no different. When you have a printer, all you want is for it to dish out papers exactly how you want without much fuss to it. Of course, desires are one thing, and reality is another, which is why we have a whole section dedicated to troubleshooting your printer. If you’ve ever used a printer (and we’re betting you have), you’ll know that these things sometimes seem to have a mind of their own. Even the sound that they make is menacing and often makes you wonder: “Is this thing about to break on me?”

While most scary sounds that printers make are just part of their normal operating process, printer troubleshooting is still a hot issue. Getting your printer to work when it suddenly decided to play ball can be a nightmare.

First, you need to figure out what went wrong. Is the software miscommunicating with the hardware? Did something get lodged or dislodged in it? Did a part break?

After that, you need to go about fixing the thing. Fine-tuning the software, finding the right firmware, opening up the printer and re-aligning the pieces. Oh, and don't get us started on parts replacement. Even finding a new part for your printer can be a chore, to speak nothing of inserting it without breaking ten things along the way.

These are all things you won't have to worry about anymore once you've got us troubleshooting your printer. Between our four experts, virtually any printer issue that you could have will be covered in-depth. What's neat is that each of us specializes in one of the four main printer manufacturers.

Since each manufacturer has their own software and hardware framework, you'll be covered in that regard as well. HP printer troubleshooting? Easy, and even easier with Anya's knowledge. Epson printer troubleshooting? Very much the same thing. As Jason will tell you, you don't even need an expert for Canon printer troubleshooting, because their devices are just that good (you often do, however). And you can most definitely use Melanie's expertise for the often needlessly difficult Brother printer troubleshooting.

You can check out our printer troubleshooting guides below: