Printer Setup

So, you read all the reviews, compared all the products and got yourself a new printer. Nice! There’s just one thing left: setting up your printer. Believe it or not, these things rarely come in an out-of-the-box capacity. Instead, users will sometimes take hours or even days to get their printer setup right.

Our team will try to help avert such frustrating scenarios by giving you a general step-by-step on setting up your printer, as well as covering the configuration of specific models.

Even if the exact model you bought isn't in our printer setup category, you're sure to gather loads of useful knowledge on how to deal with these devices. But why wouldn't it be? Between Melanie's Brother printer setup workshop, Will's know-it-all approach to the art of the Epson printer setup, Anya's detailed knowledge of the HP printer setup and Jason's constant reminders of what the best brand is in his Canon printer setup section, we feel we have everything covered.

Besides, reading our instructions will also help you avoid voiding the warranty on day one, so let's dive in to the category!

You can check out our printer setup guides below: