Printer Drums

There’s a saying that Anya came up with early on in the site’s making. “Far too often, the user is marching to the beat of the printer drums, and not the other way around.” Buzzed as she may have been from a couple of beverages that the InkEvolved team had that night, the saying has stuck with us since. Truth be told, most printer users don’t even know that printer drum units exist. Those that do know it rarely know what the units are for, and among the very few that are aware of both the existence and utility of printer drum units, only the chosen ones know how to get the things working and find replacement drum units when the old ones start marching away.

Regardless of whether you own an ink or laser printer, the drum is the part of the printer that's going to be feeding the ink or the toner to the paper. Pretty important, right? You bet it is.

Malfunctioning or poorly set-up printer drum units can make even the most expensive printer run crazy and dish out papers that look like instructions for dark magic. Anya learned this the hard way, tinkering with HP printer drums for many messy years.

With our drums section, we're looking to educate printer users about everything regarding drums. If you didn't know they existed, we're going to explain what they're for. If you can't figure out how your Brother printer drums work, we're going to give you the breakdown and the thing is going to seem as simple as a spinning wheel.

Finally, if you're experiencing some specific issues with your printer drums, our team is here with some blankets and cocoa. Our guides will help you determine whether your drum unit simply needs to be adjusted (software-side or physically) or it broken-down and needs replacement. In the latter case, we'll help you find cheap replacement drum units that are going to have you printing again in no time.

Replacement drum unit recommendations are below: