Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges can be a mess. Have you ever seen an ink cartridge break? It’s not a pretty picture. Ink all over the place, people running, documents and printers ruined. Yep, that actually can happen, whether due to the user handling the cartridge with too much force (we’re looking at you, pusher) or using the wrong cartridge. We’ve found the second to be the case more often than not, though. Even if your printer, your documents or yourself didn’t suffer any damage from inserting the wrong printer ink cartridges, the printer unit is still going to refuse to accept it. It just won’t play nice. What can you do in a situation like this? Head over to InkEvolved and figure out what went wrong, of course.

Over the years, we've found that ink cartridges are by far the biggest issue with ink printers. The most common problem is usually that the printer model is an older or obscure one, making the correct cartridges difficult, if not impossible to find.

We're just kidding with the impossible part: there's no such thing on our site, even if you need some Brother ink cartridges that stopped being made back in the 90s.

But it's not just old or shady printers that make way for problematic printer ink cartridges. As Jason will attest, finding correct Canon ink cartridges is an issue even with the flagship models from the most common brands out there. Even Anya sometimes struggles tracking down HP ink cartridges from new models! And if you do find them, they often cost more than you're willing to give, so we're also going to advise you on how to get better deals.

Finally, if needed, we're going to help you finalize the process by explaining how to insert Epson ink cartridges inside the printer (or those from any other manufacturer, that is). "Pft, I can do that on my own!", you might be thinking. Maybe, but you'd be surprised how many printer users, even experienced one, fall into the trap of connecting the cartridge poorly. With our experts, your ink printer and its cartridges will be a match made in heaven.

Check out our ink cartridge buying guides below: