Kako je HP počeo, memorabilni momenti etc. Istrazi topic, kreiraj kostur/layout, onda idemo u pisanje. Minimalno 6 headinga, pikiraj na oko 3000 riječi. Možeš ubacit neke od kontraverzi ukoliko je quotan source i ako je pristupljeno na novinarski, kvalitetan način. Kvotaj sourcove obavezno sa (1) ili tak nešt.

HP Printer Manuals were needed

HP Printer Drum Units

Ink Cartridges for HP Printers

Setting up a HP Printer was no easy task

Troubleshooting HP Printers

HP Instant Ink was introduced

HP Printer Error Code list was growing

Remanufactured HP Ink Cartridges soon hit the market

Negdje ubacit “was betting on”

Negdje ubacit fuel for your car



About The Author

Anya's experience with printers goes back to her early childhood years. Her father was a businessman, so he owned one of those big paper-churning devices that most of the neighbors would have found strange. Anya wasn't weirded out by it, though, she was fascinated! So fascinated that she ended up wasting a couple of thousand of extra pages printing all sorts of weird stuff, which probably didn't make her father all too happy. Flash forward, and Anya is in college studying IT. She's noticing that all her friends are having trouble with printing. They can't make sense of whether ink or laser is better, they can't find the correct manual for their device, and most of the time, the papers coming out are all blurry-looking. Given Anya's wealth of previous experience, she naturally feels the urge to help her fellow students and, in turn, ends up getting even more experience with all things involving printing (although there was a lot of trial and error in the process). These days, Anya is working in the IT industry and still deals with printers. A lot of them. Since most of the ones she deals with are from the HP brand, it only made sense for us for us to hand her over the entire HP printer user manuals section of the site. We love sense around here.