How to contact the team at InkEvolved?

(Updated and effective as of July 2020)

We like to think our website is pretty straightforward and to the point. We’ve designed it so that there isn’t too much clutter and our users are able to navigate around it easily without constantly getting distracted by stuff they don’t want to read about.

But, what if there’s something on our site you can’t find?

Maybe you’re missing a user manual for a very specific printer model that we’ve overlooked. Maybe you went through our ink cartridge reviews and explanations, but are still getting blots where you shouldn’t, or aren’t certain that a particular cartridge will go inside your printer. Or maybe, even after reading all of our troubleshooting articles and printer reviews, you still can’t figure out how to get your printer working or are stuck between two models?

In that case, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have, and Anya, Jason, Melanie or Will are going to waste no time getting back to you regarding your query. You can reach out to us either through Facebook or by using the contact form below.

Besides specific printer questions, you can also reach out to us with any other questions you might have regarding our website, and you can also offer to partner or work with us if you like what we’re doing.

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