Introducing the InkEvolved team

Who are we and what do we do? That’s a straightforward question. We’re four friends who met in college, studying various branches of IT. We started off as “hi-hello” acquaintances, became drinking buddies and are now professional partners. But how did we get from greeting each other on the corridors of our university to having our own printer troubleshooting website?

That’s a long story, and probably a bit too long for this section! But it boils down to this: early on in our college years, we already noticed that there was a major lack of help regarding printers and ink cartridges online. How do I fix my printer? Where the heck are all the printer user manuals? These were all questions that people on the internet were asking over and over again, yet help was nowhere to be found.

Soon enough we started toying with the idea of starting our very own printing helpdesk

Having encountered our fair share of printer problems back in the day, we started toying with the idea of starting our very own printing helpdesk early in our college years. Of course, things were a bit slow because everyone knows half of every college curriculum is partying. But now that we’re far all grown up and graduated, Anya, Jason, Melanie and Will are proud to bring you InkEvolved!

Printer troubleshooting is a mixed bag. Sometimes, you can’t get the software to work with the hardware. Other times, you need help finding the right cartridges for a very specific model. We’ve ever heard of a few cases of fumes coming out of printers when users didn’t follow instructions properly.

Maybe you don’t have an issue with your current printer, but are instead looking to upgrade your dusty old paper-churner with a new and improved version. Regardless of whether you can’t make sense of what the best buy printers are in the current year, want some honest and non-biased printer reviews or simply need help wiping ink blots off the furniture, we are here to set things straight!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have, and Anya, Jason, Melanie or Will are going to waste no time getting back to you regarding your query.

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