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HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw Toner Cartridges

HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw Toner Cartridges

The HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw had quite a unique way of handling toner cartridges. It offered a rotary toner cartridge system which was consisting of our regular CMYK configuration divided in to four separate compartments: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Having four different compartments doesn’t only mean that you can spend the ink in a more controlled way, but you also have to refill each one of them as they slowly empty themselves through printing, which can get quite pricey after a while.

Note: Toner Cartridges and Imaging Drums are not the same. If you need to replace your MFP M175nw Imaging Drum then you can find our guide on how to do it under this link. 

HP MFP M175nw Compatible Toner Cartridges

In terms of compatible toners, you want to go with the HP 126A series of toner cartridges, which are not only available within their genuine format, but also from third party manufacturers under the name “remanufactured HP 126A toner cartridges“. As already mentioned above, you will have to go either with four separate cartridges or buy one black sample and one tri-pack which features the colored cartridges.

In terms of pricing, if you want to go with genuine toner cartridges, expect to pay around $60 for separate cartridges and around $179 for the tri-pack models. If you’re willing to try out remanufactured ones, expect to pay around 30% less on each unit, depending on the manufacturer.

Personally, I would recommend to go with the All City Replacement Toner for HP Compatible 126A, for the $45 you get quite a lot of ink, so it’s definitely an option worth considering. After you order the cartridges and get them on your desk, your best bet would be to consult the User Manual and follow the cartridge replacement guide.


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