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HP Laserjet 4250n Q5421A Maintenance Kit

HP LaserJet 4250n Fuser Kit Q5421A

I have only good memories of our HP Laserjet 4250n, not only was it a proper work horse in terms of printing, it was also quite cheap to maintain. For the starting price of $1249 you didn’t only get a sturdy and well built device supporting XL toner cartridges, the device also came with several spare parts, including an additional drum unit. Sure, the toner cartridges were expensive, but you could print out 20,000 pages at a 5 percent ink coverage with no issues. The overall cost per page are among the lowest we had, and the printer is still to this day working happily in a smaller subsidiary of our company.

But, as with all heroes, it comes a time when they don’t shine don’t shine that bright anymore, but nothing which can’t be fixed.  With the HP Laserjet 4250n that time comes after around 220,000 are printed out, then you’ll see a little light on the LCD screen blinking for help. Worry not, HP knew about it and this is why they prepared the HP Laserjet 4250n Q5421A Maintenance Kit.

Not all 4250n Maintenance Kits are made the same, which one should you buy?

To answer your question, one would first need to know what exactly do you want. Is a specific part already broken and you just need a quick replacement part or do you want to buy a general maintenance kit to serve you for the years to come?

The most common replacement part within these kits is the fuser (RM1-1082), so if you just need that specific part, then your cheapest bet is to go with the Q5421A Fuser Kit, which is compatible with your model and will cost around $60.

In case you want to go with the whole box which includes the Fuser, Transfer roller, separation roller with gloves and all the removal tools which one would need during the replacement process, then your best bet is to go with the full Q5421A Maintenance Kit. That one will cost you around $250, depending on the seller and if you’re buying a new or refurbished one. on what exactly is broken within your printer and what do you want to achieve with the maintenance kit which you want to buy.

In case you, at one point, get lost with the whole re-installation process, feel free to consult the manual of the device, which can be found under this link: HP Laserjet 4250n user manual


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