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HP 27 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge

HP 27 Black Ink Print Cartridge

HP is well known for offering affordable ink cartridges, with their black HP 27 and their TriColor HP 28 Ink Cartridge being one of the cheapest out there. Now, although I wanted to put aside the topic “Genuine ink vs Remanufactured ink”, in this case it’s worth mentioning that the price difference between a third party manufacturer and genuine HP ink is quite small and, because of that, I would recommend you to go with the former since the price difference is just a few cents.

As an example, the remanufactured Inksters HP 27 ink cartridge costs $19.75, while the genuine HP 27 C8727AE costs a few cents more, $19.99 to be exact. If you go with the genuine cartridges, you’ll not only get higher quality ink, but you’ll also get access to HP’s renowned customer support, which is always worth the money, especially if it’s your first time replacing your ink cartridges and you Inksters just want to have someone on the line who knows what they are doing.

In terms of installation, the HP 27 ink cartridge is quite easy to install, either follow the replacement instructions on the box of the cartridge or consult the user manual of your device. With a fresh cartridge you can expect around 150 pages of black content, and in case you need to pair it with the TriColor package, you can find a compatible one under this link: TriColor HP 28 Ink Cartridge

Where to buy the HP 27 black ink cartridge?

As already mentioned above, you currently have two options; one is the Inksters version, the other is the genuine HP one – both of them are priced around $20. I would personally go with the genuine cartridge, but it’s up to your own preferences from here on. Both of them are available on Amazon and feature prime shipping, which means that they can be at your place within 24 hours.

Genuine HP 27 C8727AN Black Ink
Genuine HP 27
Inksters Remanufactured HP 27 C8727AN Black Ink
Reman HP 27


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