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HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw Imaging Drum

HP CE314A Imaging Drum Unit

We already covered several topics around the MFP M175nw this month. Last week we were talking about the toner cartridges, where we concluded that the best bet is to go with the remanufactured units, either from All City or from Inksters, and this week we’re going to walk you through purchasing a compatible MFP M175nw Imaging Drum.

The model with which you want to go is the HP 126A Imaging Drum Unit, which is also going under the model name HP CE314A. Although they are priced quite high, they do yield around 14,000 pages, which is more or less the industry standard for imaging drums.

If you want to buy a HP CE314A, you’re having two options; either go with the genuine HP 126 Imaging Drum unit which will cost around $99, or you can go with third party manufacturers like Inkster, which have a Remanufactured Drum Unit for HP CE314A for around $84. Now, although I’m a big fan of the remanufacturing industry, I wouldn’t recommend skimping on the Imaging Drum in this case.

Go for the genuine MFP M175nw Imaging Drum solution

The thing is, with a yield of 14,000 pages you can expect to have that little piece of plastic within your printer for the next three years, which is quite a long time for a replacement part. Thus, to me, it makes more sense adding an additional $15 to go with a higher quality model which can give you a long term peace of mind then experimenting with different third party models.

But, at the end of the day it’s your budget, I’m here just to recommend you the the options, which are, as mentioned above, the genuine HP model and the Inkster one. Just be sure to go through the MFP M175nw user manual if it’s your first time replacing one, since it can get quite ugly if you don’t know how to handle drum units.

HP Genuine Drum Unit for HP CE314A
Genuine HP CE314A
Inksters Remanufactured Drum Unit for HP CE314A
Refub HP CE314A


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