The Team Behind



A small team of three, with over 10 years of experience within the printer service department, decided to go out and help out the world in making their printing experience as simple as it can get. Here at we decided to bring our know-how, tricks and tips to the table, so that we can help you out get the best out of your printer, regardless if it’s an older model or a newer one.


We’re just starting out, filling our side with content, troubleshooting guides and tutorials. So in the next few months you can expect content within these fields:

  • Service Manuals
  • Drum Units
  • Ink Cartridge buying guides


Right now we just started out, and once we get everything rolling we’re going to soon transfer to our second version of the site, which will feature:

  • A responsive web-shop with office supplies
  • More buying guides
  • Error code section